ANNOUNCEMENT, 11th of September 2016:

Due to Webs.com changing their website builder this page will move to;

UP!lifted on Facebook

as I won't be able to keep this website looking  the way I wanted it to look like. The move will happen in the next few weeks.

I feel a bit sad about it as I used to love to come here and make updates on this lovely site. But I hope to see you on Facebook instead!


Hi everyone!
Hope wherever you are you're having a fantastic time!

Ever since I became a huge fan of Shania back in 2010 I've been wanting to make a website on her. The biggest reason being that I haven't seen a website so far that is adding the new covers on her there. And as I have many contacts around the world I thought that I would be perfect for the job!

The name for this website came about when I thought of how Shania's music makes me feel; uplifted! So I couldn't think of a better one for it. I'm hoping my website will be as big of a help as Shania Twain City has been for me for other fans. There I've found out about so many magazines with Shania on the cover so I've known what to look for. 

My hopes for this website is also that fans can join up in the forum, share their experiences, and have fun! Please also feel free to tell me there what I can do to improve this website; thank you! Or if you know of any other covers that I don't have up in any of the galleries (including my "Searchlist"-gallery that I'll add soon too) please feel free to drop me a line

Take care everyone & I hope you'll enjoy your stay here!